Whether it’s their one-of-a-kind website, simplified product line, or way of giving back to the world - there are so many reasons why I love Away’s brand experience.

I remember when I first visited — I was chatting with a coworker about a random piece of luggage I had just purchased (on clearance from a department store). She told me how she had asked her parents for a piece of luggage from Away for Christmas. Personally, I had never thought about asking for luggage as a gift, so I knew it had to be something special. She went on to explain their lifetime warranty, sleek design (with USB charger integration, I may add), classic brand vibe, and - well that’s all I needed to hear. I immediately went on their website and fell in love. Not just because the luggage is museum worthy, but because their overall brand experience is extremely captivating.

As I scrolled through the luxurious photos and minimalistic vibes of Away’s website, I couldn’t help but swoon. I always tell my clients that their website is like an initial handshake, welcoming people into their world (store, service, etc.). Away’s “handshake” is not only sophisticated and trustworthy, but highly uncommon in their specific market. Knowing I couldn’t return my first random luggage purchase to the department store, while also being on a tight budget, didn’t hold me back. There I was, happily clicking the checkout button. One might call this impulsive shopping, but I like to call it proof — of what a intentional brand experience can do.

Away creates beautiful products, yes, but they also are a brand that is determined to make a difference - through the platform they have as well as with the community they’ve created (#travelaway). After I excitedly made my purchase, I read about their partnership with Peace Direct, a nonprofit that builds peace in areas of conflict around the world. What impressed me the most was that they started this partnership before they even sold a single piece of luggage. By creating this connection on the forefront, Away not only enables us to feel good as a customer with every purchase, but directly showcases the brand’s initial “why factor”.

Let’s fast forward to the moment I received my luggage. As soon as it came to my door, the big Away box gained all my attention. Expectedly, the unique online experience they provided was parallel to the physical experience. Printed in big bold letters on the inside of the box, read the words;

Now, the world is open.
You can go anywhere.
See everything.
Go off the grid, out of your comfort zone, or back to your roots.
We’ll be with you every step of the way.
So get out there.
And stay open.

Talk about elevating the inspirational vibes. The branded box opens up to your new Away piece, held in a large, beautiful drawstring bag that you can later use for storage purposes (applause for their thoughtfulness).

I purchased the white "Bigger Carry-On" and let me tell you - it's been one of the best investments I've ever made. It's not only beautiful and extremely durable, but the built-in USB plug-in has been a complete game-changer. I’ve used it for five trips now and I've literally had people stare at me in awe as I walk to my gate while charging my phone. One gentleman even came up to me and asked to use it because all the airport outlets were taken - making me feel like such a pro-traveler!

With their belief of “making connections: on the road, online, and in person” they are far beyond a product-based company. Away has not only beautified the way we buy luggage, but has exquisitely put their stamp on the concept of travel — and that my friends, is first-class branding.