When Caitlin first contacted me about working on a rebrand for her blog, I was instantly drawn to her energy. After watching a collection of her YouTube videos, I had no doubt we would make a killer team. Caitlin grew up outside of Minneapolis, right in the same neighborhood where I currently live - what are the chances?! Now, living in Los Angeles, this beautiful girl shares her passion of travel, fashion, and vegan lifestyle with her following of over 110,000 on Instagram and 350,000 on YouTube! I think every single one of those followers would agree, Caitlin's light is beautifully and genuinely contagious. 



Like I mentioned before, Caitlin's genuine energy is something that radiates in every post and every video she creates. (Side note, it also shows in every single text she sends - seriously, this girl puts love into all she says and does.) I truly believe that what you give is given back to you... and if that is the case, this girl - this spark of light - will be given the world.


There is a reason her following continues to grow, because she is nothing short of genuine, inspiring, and passionate. I cannot wait to see how she challenges herself in the future, and am so excited to be a part of her journey. 


keeping it consistent

One thing we discussed from our first Facetime meeting until our most recent was consistency. It was something Caitlin wanted to challenge herself to do going forward - with her blog, her social sites, and her YouTube channel. Her goal was to create an aesthetic around her lifestyle that she was proud of, could grow with, and that her following would still recognize as "her". I love that she took this aspect so seriously, because it not only keeps a brand alive, but allows it's following to subconsciously trust, which in turn builds a strong brand loyalty. These things combine to shape an overall lifestyle, which is why I chose to underline the 'L' in Caitlin's main logo - representing the authentic 'lifestyle' that she has chosen to create.


Alongside a secondary square logo that she could use to mark her YouTube videos and Instagram stories, I also wanted to give her brand a human touch by incorporating a font that portrayed a handwriting you might find in a journal. Adding soft elements like this into the strong brand concept that was created perfected reflected Caitlin's casual personality and unique style.