On my first call with Mercedes, there was a parallel energy between us that made me feel like we had been friends for years. We instantly started talking about her future goals and past successes. It was important that I learned how she got to where she is now, not only with the social following she has created, but how her inner-growth has helped her be able to relate to other women pursuing their own personal goals. While listening, I kept hearing her talk about self-confidence and empowering others to be healthy while continuing to be themselves. I adored that she saw fitness not just as a practice, but a lifestyle. Her instagram handle, and how most people knew her, was @fit4za. She was going back and forth about whether she should make that the name of her brand or stick with her name. I knew right away that "Fit4za" was more than a witty name, it represents balance and living an authentic "real" lifestyle - and that is an intention that we both were extremely excited to work with. 

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With a unique brand name like "Fit4za", it's more than necessary that a unique individual is behind the brand. Mercedes is one-of-a-kind - and so much more. She is one of the kindest hearts I've ever come across in a client (seriously, by the middle of the brand journey I was getting messages from her that said  "I love you so much." - they made my day). I am so proud of how much she has embraced her authentic self, and teaches others to do the same. It's an honor to design a brand like Fit4za, that allows others to relate and reflect - with their own unique strength, soul and spunk. 

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Mercedes wanted a brand that felt feminine, but strong, and meaningful, but playful. With that energy in mind, I designed something that felt free, purposeful, and full of joy - just like the Mercedes herself. With the loose handwritten typeface of "fit" and "za", a personable vibe is created within the brand. Surrounding the strong "4" in the center, not only is it a number, but an abstract slice of pizza as well - bringing the entire brand together by representing 'balance' in more ways than one. We brought this concept into the design of the website as well. By putting two images side-by-side, we visually represent her favorite hobby, fitness, alongside her favorite food, pizza, in harmony.  

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