Whether it was deeply concentrating on my Little Mermaid coloring book with a box of broken crayons, or organizing my Disney VHS tapes based on what covers I thought looked the prettiest - I have always been a visually passionate person. 


I vividly remember sitting in the very backseat of my family's mini-van, driving from Green Bay to Madison, listening to N*SYNC on my disc-man, staring out the window up at a billboard and thinking, "I wonder what that business wants to tell people as they drive by... I bet if they moved that word over to the other side and made the photo bigger, they would get more people to notice it."

I'll never forget that memory - one, because I'm weirdly proud of myself for thinking so deeply about a random billboard - and two, because at that age, I didn't even know there was a specific job that was responsible for that - a graphic designer. 


So that was the magical moment, in the backseat of a Honda Odyssey with my padded headphones turned all the way up, that I realized my true passion for design... (and boy bands).