CREATIVE minds always find eachother 

Before Heather and I even started chatting about her new brand, we both knew we had a connection as creatives. With her vision behind the lens and her unwithering strive to continually challenge herself, I knew I needed to work with Heather at some level, it just had to be the right time. Fast forward a couple years and Heather comes to me with an idea for Modern Life Mrs. - a blog dedicated to women and defining the term "Mrs." on a their own terms. I not only was super proud of her as a friend for again taking her business one step further, but knew I wanted to help make her journey with this brand memorable and the process worthwhile. And for two girls who pull a lot of all-nighters and consume a lot of caffeine, I had no doubt we'd crush it together. 

Brynna is pretttttty much my creative sister from another mister. I loved working with her on my new website and am thrilled with how it turned out. i cannot wait to collaborate with her for years to come on both of our lady boss ventures!
— Heather

insert grateful/#blessed emoji hands here

I won't lie - the MLM blog design was tedious to set up. However, I will also admit, I loved every second of it. Not only because I love what I do, but because I knew it was for someone who would utilize it to its full potential. I had no doubt in my mind that Heather would make it successful and that the late nights we both spent messing around with different creative touches would be worth it. To sum it all up, I am honored to call her a client, friend, and creative soul sister. We are constantly learning from and teaching one another, and for that I am unexplainably grateful. 

a brand alongside a brand 

One of the tricky things about the branding of MLM was that Heather also is a wedding photographer with her fiance Mike, making the talented duo Better Together Photography. Because of this, we wanted to make sure MLM had its own energy and language, all while staying consistent with who Heather was as a creative. We knew her audience was going to be mostly newly engaged or married women, and that was the beauty of it. We were able to create the next 'step' for women who are going through or just starting the journey of marriage. Heather speaks from personal experiences, as well as what she's talked about with her own clients/brides, and makes a resource that contains everything from staying healthy, delicious recipes, life and friendships, new home ideas, party hosting tips, and so much more. The MLM community is filled with like-minded women who are just like Heather - strong, beautiful, and always up for trying new things!

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