Perfect for the start up entrepreneur or small business owner looking to build brand consistency from day one but isn’t quite ready for the complete brand design overhaul.

If you are looking for a less expensive, yet effective, way to delegate your design services, this is the perfect package for you. "The Starter" provides you with the most important basics to get your brand moving and off on a solid start.

With brand development at the core, I am more than just your designer, I am your brand consultant and soundboard. Have ideas or questions about your brand’s design or development? I'm here!



  • A Personal HoneyBook Shared Site
    • HoneyBook is a professional service for creatives that I have invested in for all my clients. A site where we can communicate effectively, fill out forms effortlessly, share files easily, and make payments safely and securely. 
  • One USB Drive with all final designs and file types
  • One Primary Logo (Three full revisions)
    • One main logo with tagline.
  • One Submark (Two full revisions)
    • One complementary logo variation based off of the primary logo design.
  • One (1) Two-Sided Business Card Design
  • One Brand Pattern
    • A brand pattern for use in any print or social media graphics.
  • Full Color Palette
  • Facebook Header and Logo Profile Photo
  • Instagram Profile Photo
  • Brand Inspiration Moodboard 
    • Inspirational photos, patterns, and design direction.
  • Mini Style Guide
    • One page brand style guide for consistent brand expansion and maintained visual consistency.




Branding Design projects can take approximately 3 to 4 weeks. (Greatly determined by number of revisions and client response time.) Purchased specialty fonts, additional revisions, and editable design files are an additional charge.

Final designs delivered in all popular file formats and sent in a shared DropBox folder. For all US based clients, you’ll also receive a USB drive of your hard design files.



before we begin: making sure we're the perfect fit

This is our initial design consult video chat where we discuss and layout all design requests and what your specific design needs are as well as brainstorming any additional pieces or directions we can take your designs. With clarity and confidence at the heart of everything I do, it’s my goal to end this call with you feeling 100% confident in us working together as we embark on this new adventure! 

the package overview & paperwork 

Feeling like we are a great fit? Awesome! The next step is your custom project proposal. You’ll receive a proposal outlining all of your project details: deliverables, timelines, installments, and any other important project details. A signature page will also be included in your proposal and if all looks good, you’ll sign, date, and return it via email. Once we receive that signature page, I’ll send you a HoneyBook invoice for the first 50% of your payment. Once your payment clears, you’ll be set in our schedule and ready to rock!


A little "brandwork' that will leave you feeling inspired and excited! After booking your project and determining a project start date, I'll send you a brand questionnaire to gain clarity into your brand, and have you create a secret brand Pinterest board! On this board, you’ll pin graphics, logos, colors, photos, and any other images that speak to you and the nature of your brand so that we can begin to visualize what you are looking for in your design work. Both your completed questionnaire and filled in Pinterest board are due one week before your project’s start date.

phase 2: let's do this.

Now here's the fun part! I start the visual identity process based on your questionnaire feedback and curated Pinterest images. Two unique inspiration moodboards are created, each focusing on a different design direction that we could take your brand. From here, you’ll review all the provided moodboards, patterns, and color palettes and send back your feedback to then begin compiling your first round of primary logo designs.

phase 3: primary logo and submark birth

Using the energy, mood, and color palettes from the feedback you've given to create your first round of primary logo options. You will receive between 3-4 unique primary logo designs and 3-4 submark designs. Each one emphasizing a different look or feel as it relates to the inspiration moodboard. From here, you will select your top (1) logo and submark. Once you select your top one (1) choices for each, you’ll be able to make any design edits, or change requests you’d like to make before I finalize the design. Please be constructive and as specific as possible in your edits. For example: You LOVE logo #3 but you really love the font used in logo #4. I can easily switch out the font in your top pick. OR, say you love the layout of logo #2 but want the fonts from logo #1 with logo #3’s decorative elements. Again, using these specific critiques, I can make the edits and changes as necessary.

phase 4; final primary logo and submark 

Once you send back your final logo selection and edits, I will make the final changes and set your logo pieces and submark. You will be receiving your logo and variations in all the popular file formats, (JPG, PDF, PNG, AI, and EPS) in your various brand colors, and in both black and white PNG’s for web use. Once all primary marks are finalized, there will be no more design edits and any additional work will be billed at our hourly rate of $70.00.

phase 5: additional assets

Once all edits have been applied and designs are finalized, I will design two different Facebook cover photos for social media use, as well as files for Facebook and Instagram profile photos. You will also receive a style guide to make sure you utilize your assets in the best way possible as your brand continues to grow.

delivering files

You will receive your files in all popular file types (PNG, JPG, PDF, and EPS) for your designs. I will adding them into your Honeybook folder of files. it is highly suggested to download all assets to your computer as soon as you receive them. If you require any additional design work, or additional design time outside of the package timeline, you will be charged separately my hourly rate of $70.00.



Your interest in my branding and design services is so appreciated! For any additional questions, comments, or thoughts about your project, please don’t hesitate to reach out - or view visual identities we've created for amazing brands like yours!