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A combination of everyone's favorites, I created the fictitious company TOP to be the best part of any customer's day! 

When brainstorming for the concept of TOP, I wanted to create a place that provided a fun atmosphere with a sophisticated vibe. With this, I decided to combine three things everyone loves as the main items served; ice cream, wine, and coffee.


Friendly, witty and inviting, the voice of TOP was something I wanted to use not only in the advertising, but in the packaging as well. The brand speaks to millennials, relating to their sarcastic energy and busy lifestyle. The voice converses with this target audience as a cheerleader, giving customers the idea to treat themselves during/after a day of hard work. 


Starting with the iconic "cherry", I created the icon to mimmic the chosen typeface, playing off the serifs with the stem of the cherry.

To compliment the classic logo, I kept the color scheme modern, mirroring the look and feel of the restaurant itself.

With a little twist on the classics, TOP is a place where customers can gather their thoughts with a cup of coffee, friends with a sip of wine, or some fun with a lick of ice cream! 

"Whether it be our mouth-watering ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth, a tall glass of wine with friends after a long day, or a cup of our house-brewed coffee while catching up on e-mails, we promise to "top your day" with something you love!"